I’ve always been sustainably minded and passionate about safeguarding our planet. That’s why I love working at Voice – everyone is so values-led and committed towards creating change which will positively impact our communities, clients and environment.

I’m proud that over the past year society has become more environmentally aware from becoming conscious consumers to prioritising renewable energy.

Did you know that 2020 was the first-time renewables were the main source of the UK’s electricity over a year? This is the climate-changing journey we should all be celebrating.

Towards the end of last year, solar panel installations grew and the increase in the number of windfarms across the UK meant that nearly a quarter of the country’s electricity was generated by wind power. This is going a long way to support the Government’s net zero plans.

It’s likely that we’ll start to see the creation of more offshore windfarms as the Government aims to power every home with this renewable energy by 2030. With almost £19 billion being invested into it, it’s actually one of the lowest cost options for new power according to Renewable UK. Considering we also have the largest offshore wind market in the world, this should become a reliable and sustainable source of low-carbon energy for the country.

Hydropower is also one to watch. Engineers have just developed a system to store and release electricity underground on gentle sloping hills. This would use surplus energy to pump water uphill and then later releasing the water back downhill through turbines to generate electricity.

The Coronavirus pandemic has definitely accelerated the trend towards renewable energy and I personally think it’s important we acknowledge and support the innovations coming into force, in order to make the world a safer place.

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