I have now officially ran 50 miles and raised over £500 for the mental health charity Mind, as part of its ‘Move for Mind’ challenge.

I’m not the best at running (I actually have quite a love/hate relationship with it), but running for a good cause has made me more passionate and less willing to give up.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a mental health emergency.

Mind recently shared that since it began, back in March, depression rates have doubled with more calls to its Infoline than ever before.

So many people are suffering. So many are in crisis. This is why I wanted to help.

I personally have really struggled to stay positive in such uncertain circumstances but I’m fortunate to have an amazing support network which has helped me.

I think the past year has made it quite difficult to deal with emotions that you know many other people are experiencing too. Although it means there is more understanding around current challenges, you can’t help feel like your problems don’t warrant the attention they need.

That’s why creating awareness around safeguarding mental wellbeing is more important now than ever before.

During the third lockdown I have found a much better routine which has reduced my anxiety.

I have found running a great de-stressor.

I practice meditation each evening.

I prioritise speaking to my friends and family but switch off my phone and social media when I know I need that all-important break.

I personally feel so much happier within myself but for those who have also experienced a dip in their wellbeing the past couple of months, Mind helps those facing a mental health issue get the advice and support they need.

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