Franchise marketing to help your franchise grow

As a franchise marketing agency, we build results-driven marketing strategies from the ground up. They drive brand awareness, attract qualified franchisees, and ultimately fuel business growth for both new and established franchise businesses.

We achieve this through a mixture of fundamental strategy development, brand development, digital marketing, PR, and careful analysis of results. 

Why Voice?

A safe pair of hands – we have a hugely experienced team who have your best interests at heart.

We understand your world – we know how complex franchise businesses can be, and understand the issues you face.  

We have a proven model – our franchise marketing packages have been refined over years of experience. 

We’re an extension of your team – we will work seamlessly with your team to ensure maximum efficiency. 

“We started working with Voice in October 2018 and in that time the team has helped us to take our entire business, including our franchise offering to the next level. When we first began working with Voice we had two franchised areas and minimal brand awareness on a national scale and today we have nearly 50 as well as a recognised and trusted brand on a national level.” 

Johnny Pearce, Co-Director at Oltco

Our franchise marketing services

Digital Marketing

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities franchises can face. Our tailored and bespoke strategies help you expand brand awareness, engage local audiences, and drive franchise growth. With expert PPC, and Facebook ads, we’ll optimise your online presence, attract qualified leads, and boost customer conversions. Our data-driven approach ensures measurable results, while our dedicated team provides ongoing support and tailored solutions for each franchise location. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock the full potential of your franchise network with our comprehensive digital marketing solutions. 

Performance Tracking & Reporting

We believe in transparency and accountability. Our team tracks the performance of your marketing campaigns, providing insights into key metrics and ROI.  

We help you understand the impact of your marketing efforts, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that optimise your franchise’s growth potential. 


Public perception plays a vital role in the success of any franchise. Our PR team is skilled at crafting compelling narratives and managing your brand’s reputation in the public eye. 

Strategic PR campaigns can be targeted regionally to support individual franchise launches, as well as focussing on securing national coverage to support the network as a while. From press releases and media outreach to thought leadership and crisis management, we ensure your franchise maintains a positive image and stays ahead of the competition. 

Marketing Strategy

Crafting a winning marketing strategy is at the core of our approach. We understand that each franchise is unique, with its own set of goals and target audience.  

Our experienced team works closely with you to develop a marketing plan that aligns with your brand identity and business objectives. By leveraging our sector experience, we ensure your franchise stands out in a competitive landscape.