For years, when I had been asked about what I wanted to do career-wise, I shrugged, laughed, and dismissingly replied, ‘I don’t know’. However, as I got older, the answer became less of a confident brush-off and more of a worrying acceptance that I really did not know. With my 20th birthday looming and the realisation I had to choose, I began scrolling the internet looking for my future career. I began flicking through endless job websites and had even started completing career questionnaires, in the hope they would just be able to decide for me.

Whilst, undoubtedly, this is not the best basis to decide any future career, I had started watching ‘The Thick of It’ and began toying with the idea of going into communications.

Being really interested in the social sciences, a career built on understanding others, analysing difficult situations and communicating effectively really intrigued me. After looking further into communications and reading about public relations, I was gripped and decided I wanted to pursue a career in it. At this point I wanted to get some experience (beyond watching ‘The Thick of It’).

After seeing Voice’s website, I was instantly attracted to the business not just because of its work and clientele but because of the positive environment which its team has created. Being a B-Corp Certified agency, committed to being purpose driven whilst helping others, was really appealing and this shone through during my work experience.

As I sat at my desk waiting to start on Monday morning, I was quite apprehensive. These nerves were instantly eased and working at Voice has simply been great. I have been set worthwhile tasks with real responsibility and I truly feel as if I have been one of the team.

I’ve been enjoying drafting media pitches, researching news outlets relevant to different sectors and locations and attended a webinar on ‘The Art of the Hashtag’. Being able to apply what I’d learnt to a specific client was really engaging and I learnt a lot.

I am very grateful to Katie, Emily and Maisie who have put a lot of faith in me.

Working with Katie, Emily and Maisie has shown me that PR and marketing professionals are not just skilled in one area or competency but have a vast range of skills and expertise.

Utilising different methods and approaches, tailored to the sectors and brands of the firms they work with, mean no one day is the same.

I’ve also noticed that all forms of communication, whether they be emails, essays, pitches, are all completely tailored to their target audience. The skill of understanding and then adapting the style of communication to the intended audience is one I have improved on during my time at Voice.

Katie, Emily, and Maisie have been great in treating me like an individual, whilst also recognising that I will often need support, which they are always more than happy to give. I really appreciate the support they have provided and am grateful for what I have learnt.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Voice and from this experience I definitely want to go on and pursue a career in public relations.

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