Felicity is a recent graduate from The University of Hull with a BSc in Philosophy and Psychology. After getting in touch with Voice to secure some work experience in the PR industry, we welcomed her into our family so she could learn about this brilliant industry.

Felicity throughly enjoyed her time with the Voice Communications team. Discussing her experience, Felicity says:

“My two-week work experience at Voice Communications has been amazing. I have completed a variety of tasks and developed an entirely new skill set.

Day to day, I have spent my time thinking creatively, drafting social media posts, website copy and blog posts for both Voice and for their varied clients. I have also had the opportunity to write several press releases, this was something I was eager to learn more about. I really enjoyed these tasks, promoting the fantastic values of Voice’s clients. I have also loved working with businesses who have a sustainable outlook, which I believe is very important for our planet’s future.

During my time at Voice Communications, I have had the opportunity to work closely with all members of the team, which has given me a real insight into different roles within a PR agency. I have also come to understand what the team’s day to day activity looks like, which is exciting.

I have improved my writing skills, gained a lot of confidence and widened my knowledge about the PR and communications industry. I have not only learnt about PR, but marketing and social media too, including how these tools can be used most effectively to help different clients.

I have expanded my knowledge of how the Voice team helps their clients to stand out from the crowd, enhancing their brand awareness. I particularly enjoyed writing a blog post about their client’s new mental health scheme. It is really fulfilling to talk about and promote the steps a company is taking to try and make difference, looking after its employees.

I love the variety of clients that Voice Communications work with and have learnt something new every day. From racing pigeons to wind turbine blades, tractors and psychic mediums. I have therefore gained a wealth of knowledge about a lot of different sectors. I have also been really impressed with the high standards that Voice Communications uphold when working with clients. This is all done while still maintaining a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, where I could really get involved.

I appreciate all of the help that the team at Voice Communications has given me, the time they have taken to teach me new things and the opportunities I have been exposed to. I definitely feel working in PR and Communications is right for me, and this placement has solidified that for me. Every day is unique and exciting and the opportunity to work with new people all the time is extremely gratifying.”

Jessica Gill from Voice Communications comments on this: “We loved having Felicity as part of the team and we wish her all the best with her future endeavours.”