Love will be in the air today as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not only is this the perfect excuse to treat your loved ones, you can also use the day as an opportunity to enhance your business’ marketing strategy. Embracing national events like Valentine’s Day will help to connect you with an engaged audience, highlighting your timely approach to content creation.

Here are 7 effective marketing techniques to help your business maximise Valentine’s Day every year.

1. Create social media content with Valentine’s Day related hashtags

There are lots of ways you can incorporate Valentine’s Day into your social media posts. For example, consider launching a strategised ‘Countdown to Valentine’s Day’ campaign next year. You could share an eye-catching graphic, a series of small competitions, romantic quotes or video content with a Valentine’s Day twist that appeals to your clients. An example could be a video of your products but with a love heart filter on top.

No matter the posts you create, you can amplify the reach using hashtags. Of course, ‘#ValentinesDay’ is an obvious choice, but it’s also important to be creative. Consider creating your own unique hashtag. For example, a chocolate brand could use the hashtag #ChocoLotsOfLove, a quirky twist on a classic phrase. The more you think outside of the box, the more your posts will stand out.

By incorporating Valentine’s Day into your social media strategy, you are engaging with an event that’s popular across the country with a wide range of audiences. Hashtags used will help to ensure that your message reaches even more potential customers.

2. Think about what your brand can offer customers this Valentine’s Day

Be sure to think about not only what couples can take from your brand, but singles and families too. If Valentine’s Day is a good match for your business, then use this as an opportunity to highlight the array of services or products that you offer.

For example, restaurants may offer a romantic Valentine’s Day set menu, alongside a ‘Galentine’s Day’ cocktail making experience, both of which could be showcased on social media. Valentine’s Day is all about embracing love and affection in every form. Consider the variety of relationships and friendships we ought to celebrate and expand your Valentine’s strategy. Host a mother and daughter afternoon tea, create a bespoke ‘chick flick’ kit for sisters or promote a bit of self-pampering. We all need to love ourselves too after all and who said Valentine’s Day came with a rule book?

All of these campaigns can also be shared across social media, showcasing your brand’s creativity.

3. Change your branding and imagery for Valentine’s Day

If your brand is going all-out this Valentine’s Day, consider temporarily making your branding Valentine’s themed. Think outside of the box to make your content pop, giving your brand a timely twist.

If your logo contains words, dot the i’s with hearts instead. Place a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ welcome box on your website. Change your Facebook banner to something a little more romantic…We’re all going to be surrounded by hearts, chocolates, confetti and blush pinks on Valentine’s Day, don’t let your brand fall behind!

4. Entice customers with a specialised Valentine’s Day competition

For restaurants, hotels and shops, competitions are an effective sales technique. Consider offering your customers the chance to win a prize, for example a delicious meal, romantic break away or a simple box of chocolates to accompany their Valentine’s Day delivery. If Valentine’s Day should teach us anything, it is that it’s the thought that counts.

Competitions will show your customers that you care, but they needn’t be extravagant. You can also encourage your followers to comment on your posts, tagging loved ones to be in with a chance of winning. This will give your social media channels an invaluable community-like feel whilst helping to boost your engagement rates.

5. Use SEO keywords related to Valentine’s Day

Your customers may be searching online for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. If your business supplies gifts that are suited for the romance-filled event, then be sure to use suitable SEO keywords to make your products more accessible.

When drafting content or copy for your website, use themed keywords and phrases such as ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘gifts’ or ‘romance’. In doing so, your website will rank more highly for Valentine’s Day-specific search enquiries.

When it comes to boosting your website’s ranking during the Valentine’s Day period, it’s important to consider how else you can optimise your platform. Update your website regularly with topical blog posts and vary your content, including photos and videos across your website. Consider creating a ‘Valentine’s Day haul’ video if you’re a clothing brand, or share light-hearted photos of your team spending quality time together. Consistent content updates are valued by Google so use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to be inspired!

6. Work with bloggers to promote your business

Working with bloggers is a fantastic way to promote your business. If your company specialises in bespoke gifts, then why not send an influencer a tailored hamper filled with themed goodies? If influencers are seen indulging in a delicious box of cupcakes or wearing a beautifully designed item of clothing, then their followers will be seeing this enjoyment first hand. You will reach more possible customers through content which feels relatable.

Alternatively, if your business organises events then be sure to invite influencers along to sample your Valentine’s Day themed plans. This will prove to be an investment next year when you’re filled with bookings!

A Galentine’s Day brunch to start the day on a loving note will certainly appeal to lifestyle bloggers. Alternatively, encourage influencers to interact with your brand more closely. For example, if you’re a perfume brand who proudly create bespoke scents, then invite influencers along for a perfume making evening, accompanied by delicious cocktails and great memories. Creating a gift for themselves, a friend or a relative, this will simultaneously give their followers an interesting peak behind the scenes.

7. When Valentine’s Day ends, continue the celebrations on social media

After you’ve enjoyed the festivities of Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, continue to use this event to your brand’s advantage. If you ran a competition on the day, post photos of your lucky prize winners. Continue to spread the love!

Showing people we care isn’t a trait that should end after 14 February. Share posts which continue to highlight the joy that Valentine’s Day can bring. For example, you could launch a ‘Just because’ campaign, organising a series of competitions or gift giveaways for your followers, ‘just because’ you appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day is a cherished event that comes and goes very quickly. To fully maximise the event, detailed planning must go in to your marketing strategy. When the day comes to an end, begin planning for next year. It might feel like you have all the time in the world now, but before you know it Valentine’s Day 2021 will arrive.

From everyone here at Voice Communications, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.