International Women’s Day is coming up on Sunday 8 March. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the resilience and achievements of women across the world. This year’s theme is ‘an equal world is an enabled world’. The idea is that every day, as individuals, we’re responsible for our own thoughts and action.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, our male Apprentice, Cameron, wanted to celebrate the strong female influence in his life from his earliest role model, his mum, to the female members of Voice and the clients he works with.

Megan Poole – my mum

My mum Megan Poole, has been the best mother I could ever ask for. Since my birth she fought for me to be in this world as I was born premature and it was not likely that I would make it. She managed to get to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and this gave me a chance.

Not only this, in my early childhood I was a special needs student who struggled with English and Maths, mum fought for me to have a statement in the education system, this statement helped me gain the support I needed when at school. What I admire about my mum is her kind and empathetic nature, and she is the reason why I’m such a polite person. I feel very lucky to have her as my mum.

Nichola Cain – Managing Director

Nichola is the Founder and Managing Director of Voice Communications. She’s worked in the PR industry for two decades and excels at helping clients reach their PR goals and I think she is fantastic.

Nichola is the exact opposite of what I imagined a MD to be like, she is warm and inspiring. Every day she helps her team become the best versions of themselves and runs Voice Communications brilliantly. She constantly instills positivity in me and I’m very lucky that she is my boss. Even if she did beat me at a game of Guess Who recently! I never envisioned myself playing Guess Who with my boss, it’s just another reason why Nichola is such a great boss.

Jess Gill – Senior Account Director

The office’s resident grammar queen, Jess is Voice Communications’ Senior Account Director. With a degree in English Literature from Goldsmiths University, Jess has been a part of Voice for eight years and plays an integral role in running the Voice Communication’s Colchester office. What I admire about Jess is her strategic mindset and organisational skills.

Through my apprenticeship so far, Jess has constantly shown me how to prioritise and how to best manage my workload. Alongside this, Jess’ sharp wit and positivity is infectious and I feel truly privileged to receiving mentoring sessions from her.

Megan House – Senior Account Manager

Megan House is our Senior Account Manager and she’s a PR whizz. Meg is a dab hand at media relations and continuously impresses me with her PR work.  Ever since she started with Voice five years ago, Meg has gone from a Voice Apprentice to fully fledged Senior Account Manager.

Meg’s tenacious and strong willed personality is what I admire most about her.  Even though Meg has a condition that means she is in chronic pain every single day, she never lets the condition stop her from achieving anything and she is truly a wonderful person. As I progress through my apprenticeship, I hope to be more like her.

Lucy McKechnie – Account Manager

Lucy McKechnie is Voice Communication’s Account Manager and I think she is a great one at that. Our resident B2B expert, Lucy handles all her clients with expert knowledge and a friendly charm. If Lucy has a challenge at work, she will always find a way to overcome it. There is never a problem, only solutions.

Lucy manages to juggle both work and home duties as she has an adorable little girl called Eliza – this is something that I think is awesome. I’ve become more confident throughout my role and this is something that I have to credit to Lucy, she has consistently helped me become more confident and I’m extremely grateful for it.

Maddie Brunton – Senior Account Executive

Our newest member of the team, Maddie is Voice Communication’s Senior Account Executive and has worked in PR for three years. Specialising in media outreach, Maddie is renowned for her pitching skills. Whatever you want to promote, Maddie always manages to come up with an angle and drive results. I think she is ace!

What I think is great about Maddie is that she breaks stereotypes by simply embracing her femininity. Maddie loves to bake and describes herself as a ‘girly girl’ and why not? Her cakes are certainly a hit in the office.

Ruth Napp, Chrissy Levett, Corinna Dowen – Voice’s wonderful clients

I’ve been lucky to work with some brilliant clients so far and they are all so inspiring. Ruth Napp is the Managing Director of Simply, a leading provider of portable toilets, towable welfare units and luxury toilet trailers. Chrissy Levett is the Founder and CEO of Creative Conscience, a charitable organisation created to inspire and empower the next generation of creative thinkers. Corinna Dowen is the Office Manager for Oltco. A leading sustainable resin driveway company that is renowned for its Recycle Bound solution, specialist expertise, premium products, quality installation, proven track record and outstanding customer service.

I find Ruth, Chrissy and Corinna to be so inspiring as they are females who are at the top of their game and they continue to excel in their careers.

Thanks to all the strong and inspirational women in my work and personal life. You’re all fantastic and I appreciate all your support and everything you do for me.