Today Voice is celebrating its first B-Corp birthday and what a memorable year it has been!

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has meant we have all had to adapt, as an agency we are so proud of all we have achieved over the 12 months which have passed since becoming B-Corp accredited.

We have been using our voice for good, continuing to build a like-minded community whilst strengthening our business.

We wanted to share some of our highlights with you.

Becoming more energy efficient

Did you know that B-Corps are 250% more likely to be carbon neutral than regular companies? Over the past year, through working from home and not having to travel to the office, the team at Voice has avoided driving 94.6 miles each day. This has had allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

New team members

Creating a strong, dynamic team within Voice that can help us spread the B-Corp message, as well as our values, is so important to us. Over the past year we have welcomed new team members including Senior Account Executive Maisie, Digital Marketing Specialist Emily and PPC Executive Sam.


Employee wellbeing has always been at the heart of Voice as we’ve always wanted to create a thriving workplace where everyone can be the best version of themselves. Over the past year, each other’s wellbeing has been a top priority.

We have shared new wellbeing tips with each other, from meditation to the go-to wellness magazines, we have had access to a life coach and also practiced reiki.

Digital Marketing

With Sam and Emily joining the Voice team, we have grown the Digital Marketing aspect of the business, which we are all incredibly excited about.

From Facebook advertising to Google ads, our expertise allows us to help brands increase engagement with their target audience whilst keeping up to date with the latest digital trends.

Growing a like-minded community

As a B-Corp, we aren’t just doing business better on our own, we are encouraging other companies to take responsibility for their environmental and social impact in order to create positive change across the planet.

We have loved using our voice, and experience with the B-Corp process, to start a conversation and inspire others to create a more inclusive and regenerative economy.

As well as this, we have also been able to connect and learn about other amazing businesses within the B-Corp community.

Looking back on the past year and the amazing journey Voice has had has made us all excited for what we can achieve in the future. We are change makers and we can’t wait to continue sharing highlights from our B-Corp journey with you.