Although today is officially Earth Day, as a B-Corp business we don’t like to just limit ourselves to one day when it comes to thinking of ways we can safeguard our amazing planet. That’s because we like to use our voice for good so that we can create positive change.

We don’t know if you’ve recently watched any environmental documentaries but sometimes it can be quite scary to think about the part we, as humans, and society play in damaging the environment and habitats around us.

We are committed towards caring for our planet, sharing how we are doing this and shining a platform on other innovative businesses doing the same.

The most recent statistics shared by the UK Government states that England alone generated 37.2 million tonnes of waste back in 2018, which was an increase on previous years. 15 million tonnes (the weight of 100,000 adult blue wales) of this waste is sent to landfill which has an environmentally damaging effect on our planet, contributing towards the greenhouse effect.

There are some incredible companies out there trying to reduce the impact of waste, inspiring others to think differently about the rubbish it produces.

Food Circle Supermarket, the UK’s first online in-date food surplus retailer, is tackling food waste as well as the stigma around consuming products past their best before date. We’ve been lucky enough to support the brand on its journey which has seen it create a wave of conscious consumers and grow its customer orders by 484% in the past year.

Food waste is a global issue and so any business aiming to combat this is a hero in our eyes.

Waste management expert, Certified Sustainable is also helping to make a difference by providing companies with the opportunity to create waste management strategies that ethically manage waste disposal from removal to recycling, protecting against environmentally damaging procedures. This is something harnessed by our client Land & Water which transports, unloads and receives dredged materials from projects to its Habitat Creation Scheme at Rainham Marshes. This initiative will see the firm repurpose over six million tonnes of wet and dry spoil to create 1,000,000m2 of valuable habitat until 2041.

Protecting habitats is key right now, especially when so much of our waste, particularly that of plastic, is threatening our wildlife. Plastics are a huge concern right now but environmentally minded businesses such as Oltco are making a difference.

Oltco’s Recycle Bound solution is made using recycled plastic already in circulation, such as straws and food packaging, to create a resin blend for outdoor surfaces. How cool is that!

By being able to highlight the sustainable solutions available to us as a society, we can help create a conversation around how we can help protect our planet.

With over 65% of global respondents from a recent study believing that climate change should be prioritised as part of the Covid-19 economic recovery plan, we are more environmentally aware than ever before.

This Earth Day we encourage you to think about the waste you produce and ways in which you could aim to minimise it.

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