March is officially B-Corp month, a month-long celebration which aims to champion what makes us a B-Corp as well as highlighting how like-minded businesses are coming together to make the world a better place.

As part of this, we wanted to shine a light on some of our favourite B-Corp brands who are using its voice as a force for good.

Nichola, Managing Director at Voice said: “I am loving, they have amazing superfood and plant protein mixes which really prioritise your health and wellbeing. I was also incredibly inspired by the story of its co-founders, and the healing journey they took together in order to raise awareness of the power behind good nutrition.”

Senior Account Director, Jess, is passionate about minimising food waste and fully supports Oddbox in rescuing odd and surplus fruit and veg. “Over three million tonnes of fruit and vegetables are wasted even before they have left the farm – this is just crazy to me. I love how Oddbox provide consumers with the opportunity to not only save the planet through reducing waste emissions, but gives us a variety of healthy, home grown produce even if it is a bit wonky.”

Megan our Senior Account Manager here at Voice loves LUXTRA, a vegan and ethical hand-bag brand. ”As a huge lover of animals, it’s so amazing that LUXTRA advocate the importance of being cruelty-free and vegan. The brand looks for ecological and plant-based materials like apple skin to reduce food waste and create alternatives to leather. I just think it’s so cool and innovative.”

We can all agree a cup of tea has been a life saver during these lockdown month’s when we’ve needed time out to unwind. Account Manager Lucy is paying homage to Teapigs for helping her relax at home. “Teapigs just make the best cuppa and I’m not ashamed to say I have a cupboard full. I also value how Teapigs has a strong ethical ethos because the supply chain and exploitation has always been at the back of my mind when it comes to tea.”

Whenever our Senior Account Executive Maisie returns to her home town of Bristol, she loves visiting Hobbs House Bakery for pastries. “Supporting local businesses is so important to me and I love how Hobbs prioritises sourcing ingredients and packaging materials from local suppliers. They also repurpose leftover bread within the community to reduce food waste and stop people from going hungry.”

Voice’s Account Executive Katie is honouring her 2021 resolution of reading more and only buys her books from World of Books, a business for good which re-uses and recycles second hand books. “I’ve been using World of Books for a year now and not only have I always been incredibly impressed by the quality of the books but I just love the romanticism around sharing literature with different people across the globe. It also helps prevent landfill waste to create a more sustainable future.”

Emily, our Digital Marketing Specialist loves Charlie Bigham’s meals. “The past year has really shown the disparities amongst the different communities in the UK, with many people struggling to put a meal on the table. I love how Charlie Bigham’s prioritise giving back through donating surplus food and providing school children with breakfast. No one should ever go hungry.”

PPC Executive Sam’s B Corp brand of choice is Graze. “Not only does Graze have such cool packaging which incorporates recycled plastic, it has made a pledge to go carbon neutral by 2030, making a point of using renewable energy at its factory. It just shows that even though Graze is a big brand it’s making an effort to protect our environment.”

Keep an eye on our social media to see how else we will be celebrating B-Corp month. You can also take a look at some of our other blogs here.