Work Experience: A Day in the Life

Whilst on a work experience placement with Voice when trying to gain experience in a PR environment, we asked the lovely Emily Murfitt to talk about her time with us and everything that she learned.
“During my time working for Express Newspapers, I liaised with PR’s on a daily basis. This exposure to the industry made me eager to further explore the world of Public Relations and what a career in it may entail. As I approached the incredible grounds of Layer Marney Tower on a sunny Monday morning, I thought about how lucky I was to be offered work experience in such a wonderful setting.
Little did I know; the Voice Communications team would soon far surpass any picturesque setting with their awesome energy.
As I joined the Voice team, the first thing I noticed was just how welcoming they were. The ladies based in the Essex office; Jess, Megan and Sophie all made me feel so welcome from the minute I walked through the door. Coming from a national newspaper I was used to a very large team where not many people knew each other’s names. It was so lovely to be in a far more personable environment.
On my first day, I was given an interesting array of tasks. Straight away I was able to get stuck-in to researching clients and industries and I even began writing case studies. In comparison to my London PR experience back in 2016, this was incredible. I was being trusted with a whole case study in my first few days!
As the week progressed, I was able to learn about B2B and B2C clients, I was trusted to contact the press to try and secure coverage for upcoming campaigns, and I was also able to write my own press release. Back in 2016 I was given the opportunity to write a press release on my last day of work experience, so to be given the opportunity so early on was really refreshing.
I noticed that during my time at Voice, I wasn’t treated like I was just on work experience. It was as though I was a member of the team. I was provided with a Voice email, phone and given free-reign on every task that I completed. Nevertheless, if I had any questions there was always someone around to answer them and there was completely no judgment (no matter how silly they seemed).
As people, the team are fabulous! So inclusive and friendly to be around – the kind of people you feel like you’ve known far longer than you have! Megan’s one liners would make me crease with laughter, Sophie is so gentle and kind and Jess came from a very similar background to me – with the same degree, work experience and a desire to get into PR, she was great for advice!
Although I haven’t met founder and MD, Nichola – due to location, she called me to personally thank me for my hard work. To call me after only three weeks of work, I think, is a testament to how great the team is. You rarely feel quite so valued during work experience and I struggle to think of many other agencies that would make that kind of gesture.
Leaving Voice, I’ve gained excellent experience. I’ve learnt more about B2B/B2C industries, how to write as a PR and how to contact the media from the other side. I’ve even gained a group of friends! I’m so grateful that the Voice team provided such an invaluable opportunity and I cannot thank them enough.”