Voices Begins working with New Client, SimSage

Voice Communications is pleased to announce it is working with SimSage; a New Zealand tech start-up. Founded by Sean Wilson and Peter de Vocht, SimSage offers a fully customisable and configurable AI to automate website customer interactions. Originating in Wellington, New Zealand, the company has now expanded to Truro, Cornwall, with a view to opening up in to bigger markets available here in the UK.
Neither Sean Wilson or Peter de Vocht are strangers to founding tech start-ups. In fact SimSage is the second business they’ve started together. It builds on the success of their earlier experience with a specialist search company they started in New Zealand in 2008, Syl Semantics. The company’s approach to search tools was successful in consistently winning New Zealand government tenders, even though they were up against well-known multinational competitors.
Sean Wilson, CEO & Co-Founder of SimSage comments: “At SimSage we develop technology that is tailored to specific industry needs. Then by adding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning components we can provide the ‘right’ answer to those looking for information. With the ever growing need for quick access to information without the irrelevant search engine results, SimSage has created a fully customisable and configurable AI to make searching for answers easier.”
The traditional growth-path for New Zealand start-ups wanting to get into larger offshore markets typically involves going to London or Silicon Valley. However, last year, fellow New Zealander, Michael Ross, of ABS Cornwall (who moved to the West Country two years ago), introduced Wilson and de Vocht to the team at Cornwall Trade & Investment. Ever since then, the pair have been certain that Cornwall is the right place to grow SimSage.
Sean continues: “The world has moved on an awful lot since 2008 and organisations today are now far more information intensive. This means that customers and staff are finding it much harder to get even simple information from websites. Mainstream search engines produce too much irrelevant information and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) approach just doesn’t work for most people.”
Peter de Vocht, CEO & Co-Founder of SimSage adds: “AI is often over-hyped and is still mostly about automation right now. But that is starting to change. Industry analysts are now saying that companies that are slow to adopt AI will find it increasingly difficult to maintain quality customer engagement. Smart AI support systems, especially when combined with intelligent search, allow companies to reduce operational costs and free up staff to deliver a much better quality of customer experience. Over the next 18 months to two years, analysts predict that companies that haven’t made the shift to AI will find it increasingly difficult to remain competitive.”
We are delighted to be working with SimSage to help raise awareness of its launch into the UK market.