Over the past few years there is no denying that there has been an increase in the presence of bloggers within the world of PR. What was once just a handful of individuals has become a huge community, also known as the blogosphere.
But, why are so many brands choosing to invest in working with these individuals instead of opting for traditional PR or advertising?
One of the biggest attractions of working with a blogger is their power to influence an audience. Bloggers are real people, with real opinions. Because of this, the fan bases/audiences of a blogger get to know the individual and gain a trust in their opinions and recommendations. After all, are you more likely to accept a recommendation from somebody that you feel you know, or a billboard on the side of the road?
How does a blogger collaboration work?
There are many different ways that a brand can work with a blogger. This includes gifting the blogger an item or inviting them for a complimentary experience in return for a review, holding a blogger event to showcase your brand/offering or working with the blogger to produce sponsored content across their platforms.
The best collaboration for your business is very dependent on what your business is/what you do. For example, an event is a fantastic way to meet a number of bloggers and secure coverage across social media and potentially their blogs too. Gifted collaborations are effective because of the trust mentioned above. If the audience can see the blogger using (and loving) your brand, they will feel more inclined to go and purchase the item for themselves.
What does the future of blogging look like?
We believe that the blogosphere will continue to grow over the coming years. What was once a hobby for most is now big business, and what was once an unknown marketing territory for brands is now becoming an integral part of the marketing spectrum.
Now is a better time than any for your brand to begin creating a presence within the blogosphere community and begin building relationships with these key influencers who are set to shape the future of PR.