Getting noticed online is becoming increasingly difficult when your only means of communicating is through static text and image – you may begin to feel restricted.
Videography is helping brands race ahead as a means of connecting with their target audiences. According to the Social Media Examiner (, 73% of marketers planned to increase their usage of video in 2017. The recently introduced LinkedIn native video feature could be your chance of being heard and profiting from the rapidly escalating digital world.
Reaching B2B
LinkedIn native video allows you to showcase a product launch, let leaders tell their stories, and broadcast any event over video. The feature also cuts out the sometimes prolonged process of embedding videos from third-party sites such as Youtube. By avoiding this process, you will receive an increased level of engagement.
As a content creator, you will be able to gain valuable insights in to your brand’s audience. Native video gives you access to rich data like the viewers of your videos, where they work, their job title, and the top markets where the video was viewed.
Making a connection
Reinforce your brand and make an impression online with LinkedIn’s native video. Whilst establishing those ever important professional connections you will also be able to highlight the personality of your brand through the brand new feature.
So why not hop on the bandwagon?
The app is available on the mobile app so ensure you have the latest version on your phone.