England’s tallest Tudor Gatehouse (and the beautiful home of our offices) Layer Marney Tower, is welcoming visitors to view a striking exhibition of 45 carved and painted wooden heraldic crowns and crests, originally made for Knights of the Garter.
Built in the reign of Henry VIII by Henry 1st Lord Marney, Layer Marney Tower, has welcomed visitors for nearly 500 years. Aside from its remarkable Italian decoration and beautiful gardens there are many more reasons guests have enjoyed their time at the Tower, whether this be at a classic car show, or having fun feeding the Layer Marney lambs.
Visitors will be able to discover this colourful exhibition as they climb the tower. The 45 crowns and crests date back to the current Queen’s reign from 1952 onwards, with the display including golden crowns, lions, eagles, beasts and other eye-catching designs.
The Order of the Garter is England’s oldest order of chivalry and the crowns and crests showcased belonged to many prominent figures of British public life, as well as foreign crowned heads. Sir Winston Churchill, The Duke of Windsor and the Emperor (and God) Haile Sellasse are just some of the individuals that the carvings refer to.
When a Knight was dressed in full armour, he was unrecognisable. A crest, as a three dimensional structure made of leather or wood, would be placed upon the Knights helmet to help identification – and they were also created to showcase an individual’s heraldry.
For more information on visits to Layer Marney Tower please visit its website here: – Don’t forget to call in for a cuppa with us if you visit the exhibition too!