Five Ways To Get the Most From Online PR

Let’s face it – we live in a fast paced world.

We are consuming more and more data online. In fact, recent research highlighted that Google’s value has increased by 7% in the last year alone.

Can you guess what we’re going to say next? That’s right, a tool box of top tricks for getting the most out of online PR has never been so important for ambitious brands. So, we’ve rounded up some foolproof ways to bolster your online PR presence.
Content is king
Getting online coverage is a great start, but what you really want is that all important SEO boosting back link? Captivating content is key for this. Not only is it vital for piquing a journalist’s interest, holding a little something back and creating content exclusive to your website is an ideal way to encourage journalists to include a link – after all where else will their readers go for more information?
Less can be more
In fact, the less an outlet has to do with your content in order to publish it the better. So support your campaign with content that is ready to roll out across multiple platforms. Press releases, white papers, videos and infographics are just a handful of ways to make sure your content is relevant to numerous online platforms, but make sure they are ready to use in order to maximise coverage!
Social media isn’t just for broadcast
So you follow key contacts and industry influencers on social media, but how do you engage with them? A timely tweet can be just as powerful as emailing and phoning key contacts and much more captivating than a self promoting statement.
Hunt out key contacts on social media, tweet, message, link and reach out to them to create a positive relationship. With the right care and content you’ll be able to create a super relationship that offers huge benefits for your business.
Bloggers are brilliant
When it comes to influencing your target audience bloggers can be a brand’s greatest asset. Whether they are big or small(er) bloggers followers are loyal and value the opinions of the blogs that they follow. So, create an awesome relationship with bloggers and you could create an inspiring reputation for your products or services.
Use topical news tactically
Did you peruse a news story on your news app during the morning commute and think “I have something really interesting to add to this?” Well, don’t rest on your laurels – reach out to the journalist and share your carefully crafted opinion, insight or story.
The beauty of online platforms is that articles can be expanded and added to if the right content is made available.
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