On Friday 1 August, REBOwall hosted an event celebrating the launch and placement of the very first Wimbledon themed wall in Hackney. Located at Concorde Community Centre on the Kingsmead Estate, this particular REBOwall has been covered in astro-turf to recreate the look of the grass at Wimbledon’s Centre Court.
Around 30 children attended the event to practice their tennis skills on the World’s first Wimbledon Wall. Aided by Qualified LTA coach and inventor of REBOwall, Adrian Hutchins, the youngsters had the chance to develop their understanding of the sport and many picked up a tennis racket for the first time in their lives. The children’s apprehension unfamiliarity with the REBOwall soon turned to excitement as the group began to hit like Pro’s and discovered a real passion for the sport tennis!
Adrian commented: “The children went crazy for the wall and were really enthusiastic about having a go hitting against the wall. There’s some naturally gifted tennis talent in Hackney, that without REBOwall would have remained undiscovered – and this is the reason why I invented REBOwall in the first place. I want help get kids in environments where tennis isn’t usually played to pick up a racket, and to be able to play, practice and have fun whenever they want. It’s my ambition for a Wimbledon champion to come from an inner-city after learning on a REBOwall.”
Keep a look out for a REBOwall near you!
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