We are working with a fantastic new brand to promote a complete, portable fire cooking system – The Roadii Fire Grill. Roadii is ideal for any social gathering, whatever the weather. With its classic structure, the Roadii has a familiar feel, combined with its modern and innovative design, whether it be assembled in the garden, courtyard, beach or field, it looks fantastic and provides theatre to any outdoor cooking occasion.
From kids toasting marshmallows in the garden, to professional chefs cooking a full lobster dinner – great food is accessible to everyone all year round.
A truly unique element of Roadii Firegrill is the ability to harness the heat from the wood or charcoal fire on three levels to cook on.
The first component of the Roadii is the hanging dutch oven. This lets you cook slow roasts, curries, fondues and even bake bread!
Secondly, there is the stainless steel grill. This is remotely adjusted by one hand giving up to 20 cm of height adjustment from the fire for precise heat control.
Thirdly, the stainless steel warm shelf below the hearth uses the radiated heat from above to warm or gently grill food.
Economically and viable use of heat and energy is part of Roadii’s high ecological standards. First-rate quality is essential to Roadii, and they also believe that making a product which lasts longer is better for the environment. Roadii aim to make things in a low impact way by avoiding bad or polluting processes, and by using local suppliers they support local jobs and vastly reduce their carbon footprint.
The Fire Grills are made from 80% up-cycled material, the main proportion being car wheels. By using steel road wheels from the crusher and reforming them into hard wearing fire hearths, their their useful life is extended and makes the most of the energy originally used to make them – giving the wheels a ‘full circle’ existence.
Their products are also 100% recyclable at the end of their time as part of the Roadii range, (though this shouldn’t be for a very long while).
Roadii is Britain’s alfresco dining essential. Designed and created by Simon Benton, Roadii was born in 2012 and began to produce and sell their range of unique and exceptional Roadii Fire Grills.
In 2013 Roadii was a finalist in The One Competition – a prestigious competition for start up businesses across East Anglia.
Leading independent sauce maker, Stokes Sauces this month celebrates 10 years of sauce making. To celebrate this milestone, Stokes has launched a 10th anniversary competition giving away ten Roadii fire pit barbeques and barbeque sauce pack, together worth £200. The promotion will be carried on all Stokes products with entry online at and winners will be drawn every week throughout the summer.