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Greenfields Community Housing is working alongside local businesses and partners to make this August Domestic Abuse Awareness month.
Domestic abuse includes physical, psychological, sexual and financial abuse. It happens within intimate relationships, as well as between family members and it forms a pattern of bullying and controlling behaviours. It is rarely a one-off event and it tends to get worse over time.
Domestic abuse is often unreported and following last year’s campaign Greenfields saw reports from tenants of domestic abuse rise by 20%.
Greenfields’ staff and Board members, residents and other partners will show their support for the campaign by wearing white ribbons, dressing in white and distributing leaflets and posters.
Greenfields is also working closely with local doctors surgeries to provide ways for victims to be given useful contact details without any risk of the abusers finding out.
James Martin, Positive Engagement Co-ordinator at Greenfields, said: “Domestic abuse of any kind is unacceptable. We hope that by explaining what constitutes domestic abuse and providing ways for victims to seek help and support, we can help to reduce the number of victims suffering from it.”
For more information on domestic abuse, ways to help, or ways to receive help – visit Greenfields’ website:
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