How a Simple Update has Made the Nation Go Crazy

Snap Map, the brand-new feature on Snapchat that’s got everyone talking. Launched in September 2011, Snapchat already has 300 million+ monthly users. So why is this new update causing such a stir? Here at Voice we were dying to test this new feature and see how a simple update has made the nation go crazy.
First, what is this new Snap Map update? The new update allows you to view Snaps of different events and celebrations happening anywhere in the world. Not only that, you can also share your own location with all your contacts. The feature is so accurate it can even pinpoint the street you’re on and where you are located on it.
The feature works by simply going on the camera page and pinching the screen. It will then take you into the world of Snap Map. There you can view the locations of your contacts through their Actionmoji on the map. The update is designed to make meeting up with your friends easier.
However, this feature has been causing quite a stir so the Voice team had a look to see why this update is so controversial. It seems many parents have been questioning if this feature is safe for children. Other concerns include privacy and is this a step too far?
Here at Voice we’ve created some top tips and advice to help you remain safe whilst using the app.
1) Protect your privacy use “Ghost Mode”, by activating this setting no one can view your location.
2) Have a spring clean of your contacts and make sure they are your real friends.
3) For parents, you can find information on which advises how to keep your child safe on Snapchat.
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