Increase Your Instagram Following with these Top Tips

From SnapMaps to Instagram stories, social media is ever-changing. Here at Voice Communications, we love Instagram and the ability to share the fun we get up to on a daily basis.
If your business is looking to flourish on Instagram and utilise the many features it has to offer, then follow our top tips for a sparkling profile.
1. Nail your bio
It only takes a few seconds for someone to read your bio, so make sure you tell visitors exactly what your company does and what they can expect from your page. Adding a link to your website is always handy too!
2. Maintain a theme
Having a constant theme makes your Instagram account stand out. Often referred to as the ‘grid’, the first nine pictures will determine whether people stay to browse your account or not. So make it count!
3. Hashtag hashtag hashtag
When writing captions, hashtags are vitally important as they allow people who don’t follow you, to find your posts. It is also important to upload posts with sector related hashtags so you can reach the audience that your brand is targeted at.
4. Generate a constant posting plan
Posting regularly is always crucial when it comes to Instagram, you should aim to upload 2-3 Instagram posts every day for a successful platform. However, try to mix up what you take photos of. Employees, products and settings allow a good mix to engage with your audience.
5. Run competitions
Getting users to repost an image, type in a hashtag or like your photos are all ways to spread your content. Rewarding people will also attract an audience and help grow your Instagram page.
6. Business Profile
If you’re setting up your page for business use, then it is definitely in your best interest to set it up with a business profile. Instagram’s analytics tool allows you to view interesting statistics regarding your followers and on your posts. It also gives people the chance to contact you directly at the click of a button.
7. Interaction
Interaction is key to growing your Instagram following. Therefore, you should aim to be commenting and liking at least 10 posts a day. This can be on any post from a blogger’s holiday snap to a media outlets latest news story.
8. Instagram Stories
Instagram stories are a good way to remain front of mind without bombarding follower’s timelines. Take advantage of this feature and upload at least 2-3 Instagram stories in addition to the updates whenever possible.
So, whether you are looking to increase your following, make an impact, or just have fun on Instagram, follow these top tips to make the most out of your profile.