A Day in the Life of a Senior Account Executive

Megan is our organisational queen here at Voice, her bank of dexterities has seen her climb the career ladder extremely quickly and she is already in the role of a Senior Account Executive at the age of 20.
Where do we start?
Megan joined the Voicettes in March 2015 as an apprentice. After leaving school and studying hairdressing at college, Megan began her working life as a trainee hairdresser at her mum’s studio.
On the side, Megan really enjoyed blogging and still writes on her blog to this day. She really enjoyed reaching out to other bloggers and speaking with them and decided to look into a career in PR to make a career out of what she loved doing. Megan got in touch with Voice and the rest is history.
How did you get into PR Meg?
“After getting into blogging, I really enjoyed the idea of working on the other end.”
This sparked my interest in PR and made me approach Voice to see if they had any opportunities for me to gain experience. After a week of work experience, Voice offered me the opportunity to join the team full-time and study a Level 3 apprenticeship with Colchester Institute in Social Media and Digital Marketing.
So what is a typical day like for Meg?
Megan fuels her day by drinking cups and cups of green tea. Meg is a new business queen so we regularly hear her on the phone taking new business enquiries and spreading the word about our amazing services.
A typical day for Meg will see her drafting press releases, writing web copy and selling-in stories to the media. Meg also works on large tender documents and thinks up amazing campaigns for our clients. A speciality of Meg’s is also creating social media content plans which sparkle and drive engagement for our clients.
Meg has a real soft spot for bloggers and loves organising blogger events. Right from the initial outreach to attending the event, Meg is your girl if you’re looking to engage with the freshest bloggers on the block.
Megan also is an organisational angel, you will never have to worry about double-booking yourself as Meg will have already booked everything you could possibly think of into the diary.
Megan, who is your ideal client?
“My preference would be a beauty or fashion brand. Having blogged about beauty products myself, I feel that I could really use my skills to help clients with their blogger outreach and ensuring they receive the best brand awareness possible.”
So Meg, why do you like PR?
“One of the main reasons I enjoy my job is because I really love the team I work with. We all work extremely well together and play on each other’s strengths on a day-to-day basis.
I also have really strong and close relationships with the clients whose accounts I work on, achieving results for them is such a rewarding feeling and is one of the best things about the job.”
“I have developed a passion for new business recently, and I like nothing more than jumping on the phone and talking to potential clients about all the amazing services that we can offer. It’s also a great way to get them to visit our beautiful office and join us for a cuppa and a chat.”
If you have any questions for Meg, or would like to try out working in a PR agency yourself, drop us a line today at [email protected]