Over the weekend, something quite extraordinary happened in homes across the UK; People developed a love for cleaning. We know, that seems crazy, right? Bear with us…
If you haven’t heard about Mrs Hinch, she’s the lady who has made cleaning fun and has left people wanting to deep clean their homes (and enjoy it). From Saturday night to Sunday night, Mrs Hinch (Instagram name – @mrshinch_x_) had a flurry of 10,000 new followers find her page and entertaining Instagram stories. In fact, Mrs Hinch has only been on Instagram since March and already has 80,000 followers. Bear in mind, this has come at a time when people are fighting against the Instagram algorithm to gain 100 followers in a month!
When you go onto Mrs Hinch’s profile, you’ll note that her pictures aren’t hi-resolution photos, instead they’re just images of her home that have been taking on her phone. And, whilst her home is beautiful, it isn’t these images that are catching the attention of Instagram users. It’s her Instagram stories where she shares her tips for cleaning her home so that it is sparkly clean.
Not only has Mrs Hinch got 80,000 followers, she’s also got her own hashtags which her followers are using. #MrsHinchMadeMeDoIt has nearly 2,500 posts where people have shared images of the products they’ve purchased following on from a Mrs Hinch recommendation. #HinchArmy has become a community of cleaners and has over 1,600 posts.
So, how has Mrs Hinch, a hairdresser who loves to clean, become an internet sensation?
< We think it’s fair to say that Mrs Hinch’s bubbly personality has played a huge part in her success. You only have to watch her Instagram stories for a few seconds to be laughing at her banter and craziness (e.g naming her feather duster Dave!). Who’d have thought that somebody could make cleaning so much fun?
< Mrs Hinch has built trust with her followers. That’s clear to see when you see the thousands of images that followers have uploaded with purchases of the cleaning products Mrs Hinch has recommended. Mrs Hinch is sharing honest reviews of the cleaning products she uses in order to become an influencer on the individuals within the #HinchArmy community. The results aren’t just visible on social media; Shops including B&M, Pound Stretcher and Home Bargains, have embraced Mrs Hinch’s power and displayed her recommended products at the front of the store…with most of these products selling out!
< Everyone who has a house needs to clean. Even those with cleaners need to give the house a blitz in between the cleaner’s visits. Mrs Hinch has recognised this and has become an ‘expert’ in a subject that everyone has an interest in, whether know it or not. By talking about something that everyone can relate to, Mrs Hinch has become the go-to lady for all things cleaning.
You can follow Mrs Hinch here.