Back to School Marketing

Students all across the country are undoubtedly starting to feel the back to school blues as the holiday season has come to an end.
But as students have been moaning, brands have been cheering as their clever back to school marketing campaigns have been stealing the attention of school go’ers all over the country.
Back to school marketing sales have been growing year on year. An incredible £1.48 billion was spent in the UK alone on back to school products in 2017, which equates to an average of £174.31 per household – the market is huge![1].
So, what can this mean for your business? Here at Voice we have devised a few marketing tips to help your business take advantage of this market and piggy back on to the back to school hype!

  • Think about your target audience

Students will be looking to make a good impression, whether it’s the newest Sharpie colours or a brand-new P.E. bag, the market for back to school goodies is endless. However, it is not just the stressed-out students that you can be targeting, there is also the teachers longing for just one more day of peace and parents hiding behind the scenes. Think about which audience you want your campaign to target, you don’t have to limit yourselves to just students.

  • How does your product fit?

Electronics, uniform, shoes, stationery, books, bags, the list of products you can relate to a back to school campaign is endless. However, the key to success is to make sure your campaign shows how your product can fit into daily school life and why your chosen audience needs it.

  • Make it relevant

With the latest trends moving fast it is important to keep your campaign relevant. For example, let’s look at last years Converse’s promotion where Millie Bobby Brown was the face of their “First Day Feels” campaign. The star of the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things is a huge hit amongst children, teens and even adults so her presence and popularity was a great pull to the brand increasing its engagement.

  • Target Parent bloggers

Blogging is the way forward, getting in touch with parent bloggers can be a great way to reach a new wider audience through a trusted opinion.

  • Social Media

A well thought out social media campaign is key to creating awareness of your brand and increasing your engagement. ASDA has harnessed the 180k subscribers to Mum’s Eye View. Anna Saccone of the Saccone Joly’s and her daughter Emilia featured on the supermarket’s YouTube, channel posting an ad video on lunchbox ideas. This is a great way of engaging with a large amount of viewers and many will feel that they can trust the well-known YouTuber.