Is a ‘Mark Wahlberg’ approach the secret to success? Or is the trend for a laid back schedule the way forward?

Mark Wahlberg, the leading Hollywood superstar famed for his muscular physique and laugh-out-loud roles, has revealed his daily routine and boy is it gruelling. Not many people can set their alarm at 2.30am, enjoy an hour and a half work out at 3.40am, before squeezing in a full day of meetings, family time, golf and not to mention a second workout in the evening. Just looking through his schedule has made us feel a little giddy! For many of us, the mere thought of having such an action packed daily routine would be completely unobtainable – however can we take a leaf out of Mark Wahlberg’s book and use his routine as a success strategy? After all, there are countless highly successful business entrepreneurs and leaders who swear by daily routines on a similar scale to his.
Research suggests that 90% of high powered executives wake up before 6am every day[1]. Research also dictates that early morning exercise plays a huge role in successful productivity. Take Tim Cook, Apple CEO, who reportedly wakes up at 3.45am daily to get a head start on his emails. He also manages to fit in a gym workout and a coffee in Starbucks before his working day officially begins.
Sticking to a strict schedule clearly works for many highly successful individuals. However, looking through Mark Wahlberg’s got us thinking about the bigger picture.
It would be easy to see daily routines such as this and think it could be the secret to success. However, in recent years the standard 9 to 5 working model is being questioned.
Flexible working. Employees choosing their own start time. Working from home. Longer lunch breaks. Finish early Fridays. Four day weeks… There are numerous ways in which businesses are shaking up daily routines. Why? The answer lies in productivity. The holy grail of efficient business. For any size organisation, ensuring the productivity of a workforce is of the upmost importance. The more productive you are, the more you can achieve, grow and develop. A study by HSBC revealed that flexible working is the biggest motivator for nine in ten employees[2]. In fact, flexible working is fast becoming a bigger motivator than pay rises.
This seems to go against Mark Wahlberg’s regime and the strict schedule of many of the world’s most successful people. So, what is the secret to success?
The short answer is, there isn’t an answer.
We are all individuals. We all have individual needs. From the newest apprentice just taking their first steps on a career ladder, to the high flying CEO. The way we work needs to reflect our individuality. And for a business to be highly successful and productive, this needs to be recognised.
Some people are early birds. Some people are night owls. Some people need a strict schedule. Some people prefer to have the ability to choose how they plan their work on a day to day basis. It’s all about founding the balance.
What works for you?