It’s the week to celebrate apprentice’s all across the UK and shine a light on what apprenticeships have to offer and their positive impact on young people and businesses.

This year’s theme ‘skills for life’ reflects on how apprenticeships help young people develop the skills and knowledge needed for a rewarding career.

Here at Voice, we have two apprentices and we have loved watching them grow in their roles and develop the skills they need to support them on their career journey.


Jude, our Digital Marketing Assistant, has been with Voice for four months after choosing to do an apprenticeship straight after his GCSEs. Jude has grown incredible amounts and we have loved watching him learn new things every day. He has already covered the principles of marketing and the principles of coding, along with a Google Analytics workshop.

We spoke to Jude about why he chose an apprenticeship:

“I was super interested in what an apprenticeship had to offer which is why I initially started looking into it. The more I found out, the more it seemed like the right option for me.

“After just four months I have already achieved and learnt so much. I’ve met and built relationships with my clients and colleagues. I have been given the awesome opportunity of getting to spend time in our Cornwall office which was amazing. I really feel like I have learnt so much and I know there’s so much more for me to learn which is so exciting.

“I’m really looking forward to all of the experiences that are yet to come during my apprenticeship!”

Jude has achieved so many amazing things including:

< He’s done incredibly well in his exams

< He has been dedicated to his course and finds time to balance apprenticeship and Voice work

< He travelled down to Cornwall and began building great relationships with clients

Mya, our Account Assistant, has been with Voice since November 2021 and is coming to the end of her apprenticeship.

We spoke to Mya about the skills she has learnt during this time:

“For me, some of the main skills I think I’ve learnt during my apprenticeships are: communication skills, office etiquette, copy writing, relationship building, creativity and so much more.

“Over this past year, I have grown both personally and professionally and my confidence in myself has increased. This is all down to my apprenticeship – I come into work every day with a supportive team and I am able to learn whilst also utilising those skills and being a valuable member of the team which I think is the best way to build those professional skills we all need.

“My apprenticeship is coming to an end, and I am so ready to continue learning and use all my new found skills throughout my career.”