Our awesome client, Wave Boat UK, has always been at the forefront of innovation within the boating industry. Wave Boat UK, led by Director Rob Wilson, has continued to set itself apart from its competitors by launching the UK’s first virtual reality (VR) boat showroom.

Wave Boat UK took the innovative step of adding to its luxurious customer service with the addition of a virtual reality showroom at the company’s Bournemouth based showroom.

The virtual reality showroom means customers can see and experience the company’s entire range of models including the innovative new Z-Line boat. Unlike any other boat available, the Wave Boat range can reach speeds of up to 50mph when powered by either Jet Ski or propeller. With the ability to float without the Jet Ski, the boat provides the thrill of the Jet Ski with the versatility and sociability of a boat. Wave Boat UK wanted to inject this fun into its buying process for customers too which is where the idea to launch the UK’s first virtual boat showroom was born.

Not only that, customers can also customise their boat to their own specification and see the finished product right before their eyes for final inspection before they order.

Rob Wilson, Director at Wave Boat UK, says: “Attention to detail is key at Wave Boat UK and we are always investigating imaginative and innovative ways of reaching out to customers and we are doing just that with our new virtual reality showroom.

“Virtual Reality is already making waves in our industry in terms of design, production and manufacturing. This is another example of how Virtual Reality can be used to great effect.

“It’s really exciting for us because not only will you be able to see our extensive range of boats but you can order one and customise it however you want. It’s going to be a fantastic resource and adds a whole other dimension to the luxury boat buying experience we provide to customers.

“We are a business based on fun and have a core focus on the positive benefits to our mental health that comes from being outdoors and on the water. We know these things have a proven positive impact on our mental well-being. So at a time when the nation is understandably taking a hit in terms of their mental health, we feel our Virtual Reality showroom can offer boating enthusiasts, and those who are new to the maritime leisure industry, the excitement of getting back out on the water again.”

We are so excited about Wave Boat UK’s latest launch, the brand truly is leading the way in the maritime leisure industry. If you would like to find out more about Wave Boat UK and its range of amazing boats, click the link below: