As a B Corp accredited business, Voice is committed to helping the environment and our local community. We also pride ourselves on working with innovative companies. We would like to put a spotlight on our client, My Local Desk, an organisation that matches business professionals with local desk space that is closer to home. Why commute to London when you have the convenience of being closer to home.

Amid the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, workplace environments have been forced to adapt, whilst the priorities of the workforce have shifted. Those commuting from Essex into London on over-overcrowded, busy trains have been left considering whether they will feel comfortable travelling on public transport in the future. This concern is likely to be heightened as a result of the news that face masks became mandatory on public transport from Monday 15th June.

In fact, research from MyLocalDesk.co.uk has revealed that 32% of people in the South East are worried about using public transport to get to work when lock-down restrictions are lifted further. Even more stated that they would welcome the opportunity not to commute to work on public transport.

The traditional office set-up as we know it, with endless rows of desks and chairs, cramped shared workstations and busy communal spaces look set to become a thing of the past as a result of social distancing.

However, this doesn’t mark the end of office workspaces claims Neil Fullbrook, the Essex based entrepreneur who has co-founded a new desk-matching website, MyLocalDesk.co.uk: “We’re experiencing an office evolution where local people cut their commute to work closer to home – in other people’s offices”.

MyLocalDesk.co.uk, launched by Neil Fullbrook and Martin Tyrrell, pairs up spare desks with companies looking to offer employees local professional workspaces– helping to cut the commute and reduce employees’ reliance on public transport into London.

MyLocalDesk.co.uk positions businesses at the forefront of the workspace evolution. MyLocalDesk.co.uk is calling upon offices within Essex with spare desk space to become the first wave of ‘Desk Landlords’, offering larger companies in cities the chance to rent personal desk space for their employees in a professional environment which is nearer to home. The usual registration fee of £100 will be wavered for the first 100 Desk Landlords who sign desks up to the scheme.

We look forward to seeing how My Local Desk’s new venture progresses, it is such a great idea.

To find out more about My Local Desk, click the link below: