Wagging Our Tails For National Pet Month

National Pet Month runs from 1 April to 2 May and is in its 27th year! It’s a time to appreciate our pets and the amounts of joy they bring us, whether you’re a dog person, a cat lover or are interested in something more exotic!
As you may have seen all over our social media, we have our very own furry friend in the office at all times. He’s here to check up on us when we’ve got our heads buried in our work and keep us company when we pull open our lunch boxes! It’s amazing how relaxed a room can feel with the addition of a pet, and Alfie definitely does that!
Meg will be making the most of her tiny dog CoCo, Ben will be trying to keep his dog Archie under control and Jade will treating her cat, Tinkle to a few treats. Lucy will be walking her two dogs, Pip and Tid and taking Mack the horse for a ride while Jess is keeping her two cats, Marmite and Boo under control. Nichola will of course be giving Alfie plenty of cuddles.