We’re delighted to announce that we are working with REBO Wall, a revolutionary new practice wall that can be adapted for tennis and football.
Last week, we were lucky enough to try out the wall for ourselves, coached by REBO’s inventor and founder, Adrian Hutchins, who certainly put us through our paces! With Wimbledon just around the corner, it was the perfect way for us to scrub up on our tennis skills.
REBO Walls are ideal for communities without tennis courts that want to offer a new way to learn and play tennis – they are quick and easy to install and can be put up virtually anywhere – in playgrounds, community centres, social spaces, schools, skate-parks, under a flyover or even in a car-park!
REBO Walls are very versatile and multifunctional. They have successfully been used for coaching groups and individuals, ‘cardio-tennis’ fitness sessions and for players that simply want to practise on their own. Furthermore, a REBO Wall is especially good at getting total newbies (like us) to pick up a racket for the first time and simply just have a go.
With the opportunity to hit over 2000 balls an hour, compared to 500 against a machine and 150 in a tennis match, its no wonder that tennis greats such as Roger Federer, Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe credit hitting a ball against a wall as one of the reasons for their incredible success. But if you’re not quite at their level, don’t worry, because REBO Wall is a fantastic workout as well, with many people able to burn over 500 calories an hour.
Manufactured in the UK, REBO Wall is unique in that it creates a realistic rebound due to its adjustable angled surface (Patent Pending), 9 degrees off the vertical. This ensures that the ball returns with a more realistic arced flight to the ball, great for beginners as well as more experienced players. The REBO Wall we played on was set at 9 degrees which was perfect for us; but a more faster or slower REBO Wall can easily be customised.
“A rebound wall is the ultimate practice partner – hit your best shot and unlike a practice partner it will come back – a REBO Wall never misses” says inventor and founder of REBO Wall, Adrian Hutchins. “REBO gets kids playing and learning just like Federer and Sampras did or Pele and Maradona! “It’s a great time to launch REBO Wall. It gives the opportunity to get loads of kids and adults playing, learning, getting fit and having fun together. What I want and predict is that a Grand Slam champion will come from an inner-city, after learning, playing and practising on a REBO Wall.”