Voice Communications Celebrates Volunteers Week

As a part of Volunteers Week (1 – 7 June 2017), we decided to take a look back and celebrate our achievements and volunteering efforts that we have undertaken so far.
In August 2012-April 2013, 29% of English adults said that in the previous year they had volunteered at least once a month and 44% said they had volunteered at least once during the year. So, how have we at Voice Communications contributed to this percentage?
Our amazing Managing Director, Nichola Cain, has been volunteering with Penninghame House for many years now. Based in Newton Stewart Scotland, The Penninghame process is a six-day transformational course that uses emotional, physical and physcological experiences to enhance an individual’s personal development. Speaking about The Penninghame Process, Nichola said: “I am truly grateful to be a part of the Penninghame family. Watching and guiding individuals’ through their journey is just as amazing for me as it is for them. To know I am helping and supporting those who really need it is a great blessing, which I will never take for granted.”
To find out more about Penninghame House, please follow this link: http://www.penninghame.org/
Account Director at Voice Communications, Jess, is a real animal lover and has an especially soft spot for cats (she’s not a crazy cat lady though!). This passion for animals saw Jess begin volunteering at Poppy’s Place in 2016 and she still visits once a week to help out. Poppy’s Place is based in Colchester and is a small animal rescue centre designed to show love, compassion and unfaltering care to all feline friends, helping them find their forever homes. Jess comments: “Poppy’s Place has a huge space in my heart. Having always grown up around cats, my love for them came naturally. I have two rescue cats myself and it is wonderful to play a role in ensuring that even more cats can have an amazing future.”
To find out more about Poppy’s Place, please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/poppysplaceanimalrescue/
Lucy, our fabulous Account Manager, is a highly experienced and talented horse rider. Having ridden competitively for many years, Lucy decided to dedicate her time to helping out with Riding and Driving for the Disabled. Lucy commented: “It is amazing to see children learning new skills, challenging themselves but having fun at the same time. Seeing the incredible progress that the visitors to the charity make is so rewarding and I love helping out even if it is only mucking out sometimes!”
Our Senior Account Executive, Megan, spent last year and the beginning of this year helping her partner, Liam, fundraise for the charity Brainwave, as Liam ran the 2017 London Marathon. With various quiz nights and donation buckets, they managed to raise nearly £3000 for this amazing charity. Brainwave believes that all children with disabilities should have the opportunity to meet their potential and through the support they give, they change children’s lives. Megan commented: “Brainwave has a special place in my heart, and the work they do is just incredible. Liam didn’t have to stop and think who he wanted to run the marathon for, as Brainwave was always at the top of the list.”
The latest addition to the Voice Communications team, Sophie, who joined as an apprentice in 2016, used to love volunteering at her local Brownie group before moving house. Having been a Brownie herself, Sophie enjoyed nothing more than seeing the young girls grow up and learn new skills each week. Sophie commented: “It’s so great to see young girls making friends and making memories whilst really challenging themselves at the same time. Brownies equips you with a whole bank of skills alongside having a lot of fun too. It was nice to be able to give back to something that made my childhood a bunch fun.”
Volunteers are really astonishing people, and Volunteers Week is a super way to annually thank the nation for all of their volunteering efforts and celebrating the difference they make.
To find out more about National Volunteers Week, please follow this link: http://volunteersweek.org/