A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

Let us introduce to you our extremely talented Account Manager, Lucy Mckechnie. Lucy has been with the Voice team for a year now and we have loved every minute of having her here.
Where do we start?
Lucy originally joined the Voice team in 2015 as a freelancer, only spending two days in Voice HQ per week. However, the team instantly knew that Lucy was a keeper and that she had to come on board full-time, Lucy was thrilled at the opportunity and became a resident in the Voice office in a full-time position.
How did you get into PR Lucy?
I fell into PR accidentally after applying for a really vague job description. It said “looking for a team player with outstanding communication skills. Must have a good sense of humour” and that was it. It left me feeling really curious, so applied, got offered an interview and then found out that it was a PR agency and the rest, as they say, is history. 
So what is a typical day like for Lucy?
Lucy arrives at the office and begins her day the right way, with a nice cup of tea.
As an Account Manager, Lucy gets a lot of emails, and we mean A LOT, so after sifting through them all and responding to various clients, colleagues and new business enquiries Lucy begins the tasks on her list for the day. Lucy also oversees account activity and ensures that everyone is getting on with planned activity.
Lucy is a B2B expert, so whether she needs to write webcopy, a press release, a case study or even a social media update she has all the right words for it. Clients are extremely impressed with her extensive knowledge of PR and not to mention her pub quiz trivia skills from gaining a degree in History.
If you’re looking for coverage, Lucy is your girl. With journalistic contacts in pretty much every industry Lucy is the queen of media relations. Her banter and light hearted nature is definitely key to her successful media sell-ins.
Lucy, who is your ideal client?
My preference would always be B2B, but rather than a company that does a particular ‘thing’ or works in an industry that I find interesting, I think the best clients are the ones that you can strike up a great relationship with. 
So Lucy, why do you like PR?
Because no two days are the same. It gives you the chance to dip into lots of different businesses, find sectors that you really enjoy working in and you become a valuable part of your client’s teams. I also love media relations and hunting out ways to get coverage. 
If you have any questions for Lucy, or would like to try out working in a PR agency yourself, drop us a line today at [email protected]