Voice Celebrates Success with CMS

As a PRCA member, Voice is required to hold the Communications Management Standard, which represents PR and communications excellence. The standard combines aspects of ISO90001 and ‘Investors in People’ with public relations specific criteria for those working within a consultancy.
Voice was scored on its ability to perform within the following areas:
• Leadership and Communication
• Business Planning
• Business Improvement
• Financial Management & Systems
• Campaign Management
• Client Satisfaction
• New Business
• People Management
• Diversity
We are over the moon to announce that we passed this year’s CMS with an impressive score of 81%, the highest score we have ever achieved!
We are an agency that prides itself on the open and honest relationships we have with clients, enabling us to form lasting, close and trusted partnerships. We value every organisation we work with and our high CMS score is testament to the systems, structures and commitment we have to developing and upholding our values of professionalism and excellence.
To find out more about CMS, please follow this link: https://www.prca.org.uk/about-us/communications-management-standard-cms/consultancy-cms