Love is in the air today! Here at Voice, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day a little bit differently this year. We are going to appreciate ourselves. Here’s what each member of the team said:

Nichola Cain, Voice’s founder says: “I love walking barefoot on the beach with my husband and Alfie, my dog.  I love working with such an awesome team who all help and support each other and deliver amazing results for our clients.  I love running and cold water swimming, both are important for my mental and physical health.”

Meanwhile, Jessica Gill, our Senior Account Direct says: “I love to be creative and whenever I get the chance, I love to use my creativity as a tool to relax.”

Our Account manager, Maisie, says: “I love how I get to travel and work in different locations including France. I love being able to experience new things and different cultures and I love that Voice supports this.”

Sam, our PPC executive says: “I love the amazing supportive family I have; I love my brilliant girlfriend, I love the gorgeous location I live and I love the great place I work.

I learnt to love my talents, accepted myself for who I am and the laughs I can bring to others.”

Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Emily, says: “I love my dog and enjoy long walks at the weekend and watching him interact with other dogs. It’s amazing how much they help with your health, both mental and physical and become such a big part of the family.

 I love how resilient I have become to change. The last few years have been difficult, but change shouldn’t always be seen as a bad thing, and I love being able to adapt quickly to new things.”

Katie, our Senior Account Executive, says: “I love my friends – they are with me at both my best and worst times. I love how there’s no judgement between us and we’re an honest and open friend group. I love spending time with them, and we’ve made some great memories together so far. I also love my dog! He’s like my best friend. Seeing his face after work is always the highlight of my day.

I love that I’m a support to both my friends, family and colleagues. I always want to be able to help in whatever way I can as I am so appreciative of the ones around me who have supported me when I have needed this.”

Our Account Assistant, Mya, says: “I love that I am creative and that I have found ways to use this in my work life. I love making things – like when I make flowers out of old books and I love the place that I work!”

We encourage you to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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