I started my work experience at Voice during the COVID-19 pandemic when the job market was looking unsettled and lockdowns were repeating. As a 19-year-old first year university student I began to worry about the possibility of getting any valuable work experience.

I am so grateful that Voice has given me the best work experience I could have asked for during these uncertain times.

Initially I was concerned about going into a completely remote internship, and wondered if I would be able to learn about a particular industry without even going into the office. In hindsight it gave me the opportunity to experience working from home, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise, and that has now proved incredibly valuable.

Maisie, Katie, Lucy, and Jess instantly made me feel part of the team with their beaming smiles over Zoom and bright voices on telephone calls. I was immediately entrusted with responsibility for certain tasks which gave me huge insight in to lots of the different aspects of PR. As a result, I was able to learn techniques and strategies relating to how information is communicated to the media and public for differing companies.  

Not one day was ever the same which I loved. I was constantly kept busy and so I felt I had a purpose in the team and to their clients. I enjoyed writing media pitches, press releases and social media content for a variety of companies. It made me appreciate how all forms of communication are completely personalised to different target audiences. For example, learning to use social media from a business perspective has enabled me to see the importance and impact it can create in the commercial world.

Working alongside my degree has allowed me to see that PR and marketing professionals have a vast range of skills and expertise not just on a communications level but on a psychological and social level also.

During my time at Voice, its B-Corp accreditation and positive environment constantly shone through. The team always answered any questions I had and this gave me great insight into the public relations industry.

As a result of my work experience, I have realised and developed skills that I didn’t know I had. It has also made me consider another area of work that I may not have considered before. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience with Voice and would like to thank them for all their support and all that I have learnt.

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