Safer Internet Day 2016

On Tuesday 9 February the world celebrated Safer Internet Day to highlight the issues we have with the internet and the threat it hosts for those using it. Over a thousand organisations got involved to help increase the use of more responsible digital technology, helping to keep our children and young people safe.
The vast amount of information and services that are readily available online are posing a threat to the majority of us, the younger generation are becoming open to things we deem unfit for them. Things such as social media sites often require an age restriction, however children are lying about their age. These sites are becoming such important parts of their lives, and affecting their well-being and performance.
Voice has a particular interest in this, not only because of the campaign, but we also understand the potential danger the internet poses. Keep up to date with the campaign using the hash tag #SID2016. Schools across the UK are going to be using the UK Safer Internet Centre’s education packs to help educate the children about what it is they’re really facing.