intu Lakeside launches web app

intu Lakeside shopping centre has launched its own web app. Completely free and compatible with both Android and Apple, the app allows you to discover the latest deals and offers, right in front of you.
With a trendy, modern feel to it, the app has many other features such as a detailed map of the centre, making sure that you’ll never waste time getting lost. Users can also enjoy a full list of current retailers, attractions and eateries in the centre. Decide on where to go before arriving at the centre, and straight away know where to go. Visitors now have the best deals right in their hand, being highlighted as they walk past retailers.
Matched with intu Lakesides free Wi-Fi network, this works well with the app to create a quick, easy and fun experience. So before visiting the centre, be sure to download the app to get the most out of your visit.