The sun has started to make an appearance and the warmer weather looks like it’s here to stay. Now is the perfect time to add a splash of colour to your outside space – hanging baskets are an easy way to achieve a floral flourish this summer.
Perrywood Garden Centre in Tiptree is renowned for both its range of ready-made baskets and do-it-yourself hanging containers and high quality flowers. Whether your outside space is large or small, these mini hanging gardens provide a vibrant addition to any space.
Hanging baskets not only brighten up garden walls, but they can also deliver instant curb appeal to the front of your house providing a warm and colourful welcome to any guests.
For those who are green fingered and want to create their own hanging basket masterpiece, follow Perrywood’s top tips…

  1. Ideally you want your hanging basket to feature a range of different plants of different heights, colours and shapes. This will help give the container depth and make it more interesting to look at.

Your plant list should include:

  • 1 X Upright Geranium – as your centre piece
  • 3 X Trailing Geraniums – Perrywood suggest Decora
  • 1 X Trailing Fushia – Cascade, Golden Swingtime or Pink Galore
  • 1 x Trailing Begonia
  • 1 x Surfinia – Fuchsias or Petunias
  • 1 x Lobelia – Erinus or Cardinalis

All of the items mentioned above are available to purchase in-store at Perrywood.

  1. To keep your hanging baskets thriving, Perrywood suggests you water your plants thoroughly each day. It’s also important to regularly keep an eye on the plants – just a few hours in the heat can wilt them beyond rescue!
  2. Within a few weeks of planting the basket, the fertiliser levels will have depleted, meaning your plants will be hungry. Don’t be afraid to add more nutrients to improve your plants flowering and encourage strong growth.
  3. Creating hanging baskets can be fun for the whole family. Not only does it fuel creativity, it’s also a great way for children to learn the basics of gardening. From visiting the store and choosing your materials, to arriving home and getting green fingered, gardening has many benefits for everyone to enjoy.