Oltco has been named Disruptor Of The Year for the South West at the Regional Great British Entrepreneur Awards

We are really excited to announce that our wonderful clients, Oltco Directors, Johnny Pearce and Tom Stringer, have been named as winners in the category ‘Disruptor of the Year’ at NatWest’s prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2019. This category recognises disruptors who are purpose-driven pioneers of change and tenacious analytical innovators. This win will take Tom and Johnny to the National Final which is taking place next Thursday.

Tom founded Oltco as a family business in 2004, later being joined by his friend, and now business partner, Johnny in 2010. Tom and Johnny are incredibly passionate about the work that they do and the decisions they make, they are enthusiastic about not only delivering innovative products for customers, but also providing outstanding customer care, creating a positive working environment whilst caring for the environment around us.

As the Technical Director, Tom began to develop resin solutions and has spent the past 15 years dedicated to evolving Oltco’s products and services. Johnny’s attitude towards business development has enabled him to develop and grow Oltco as a whole. Johnny has played a key part in Oltco’s growth with business development being a key strength of his, alongside his creative thinking and looking at the bigger picture.

The team’s latest development is Recycle Bound, the world’s first resin driveway solution that uses recycled plastic. The inspiration behind this product came from both Tom and Johnny’s passion for the environment as they hope to better protect the beaches and wildlife in the business’ home county of Cornwall. Through Oltco’s new product design process, Tom and Johnny decided to explore waste plastic forming part of their blends. After 24 months of intensive development and testing, Oltco launched Recycle Bound as a new, environmentally friendly solution.

By using waste such as plastic drink bottles, plastic food packaging and straws, Oltco  is able to utilise these materials, converting them into resin bound driveways. Each square metre of Recycle Bound consists of the equivalent of 3,000 plastic straws. Therefore if Recycle Bound was laid on a standard 50 square metre drive, the equivalent of 150,000 plastic straws would be recycled in the process.

Tom and Johnny were recognised as ‘Disruptor of the Year’ for their success in improving the industry and challenging the status quo. Johnny comments: “With over 3,000 applications this year in the UK and 72 finalists, it’s an incredible achievement to have been crowned in the regional final. Oltco’s growth has been due to our sheer determination and our unique products setting us apart from competitors. We’re delighted to have made it to the National Final and can’t wait to see how we get on.”

If you’d like to learn more about this fantastic news, check out Oltco’s article with Business Cornwall:


We can’t wait to see how Johnny and Tom get on next week at the National Finals. Good luck guys!