We all know of Instagram. We love it. We use it daily. It’s arguably one of the biggest social media platforms of all time and is one of the most popular photo sharing applications on the market today. Having launched back in October 2010 on iPhones and then Android smartphones in 2012, “Gram” or “Insta” as it is also known by, now has over one billion users worldwide. This means it is the perfect tool for an array of marketing techniques. We certainly see the benefits of the platform and the engagement it brings to our clients.

Instagram recently introduced an algorithm that hides ‘likes’ for select users across the globe, think social media influencers, celebrities and other accounts with a big following. It’s currently being tested to see if it improves the mental health of users and then the platform will assess to see if it should hide likes all together. Although the individual would still be able to see how many ‘likes’ they have received, others wouldn’t. Numerous influencers, celebrities and brands have reacted negatively to this as it may reduce audience engagement but others say this wouldn’t have a negative impact. Rather than judging your brand’s success on ‘likes’, marketers can use this test as a way of evaluating the social media metrics.

“The hiding or removal of likes shouldn’t negatively impact how brands work with influencers in developing successful content,” said Dave McNulty, Vice President of Marketing at vodka brand, Stoli. “Successful content is a result of brands building real relationships with credible influencers and giving them the creative license to be authentic with their audience.” McNulty said this in an article by

It’s fair to say that Instagram can be an incredible platform to grow your profile and business. Look at Mrs Hinch – last September we posted a blog post about her profile gaining 10,000 followers overnight, reaching 80K followers in total. Bear in mind, this came at a time when people were fighting against the Instagram algorithm to gain 100 followers in a month! Now, as a result of Sophie Hinchliffe’s loyal #HinchArmy, her following has hit 2.9 million. It shows that not all algorithms are out to get us.

If Instagram did decide to hide ‘likes’ all together, brands could still access their influencer partner’s social media metrics via an Instagram approved third party vendor.

According to Instagram, 80% of users follow a business or a brand, therefore the app will continue to be one of the most useful marketing tools that is available. Especially for viewing impressions, reach, audience demographics and more.

What do you think of Instagram’s idea to hide ‘likes’? Whatever Instagram decides to do, we will still be posting photos aplenty!