Never Alone relaunches website

Never Alone, an online charity which offers free support to carers, has recently re-launched a brand new website. The charity provides a platform where carers can go to talk about what they are facing with other individuals who are in the same position or talk about something completely different such as hobbies, books, films or fashion.
Never Alone was established in 2010 by Gemma Firth after she experienced being a carer for her husband, Mark. The couple’s life was turned upside down when they faced the devastating news that Mark had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, an uncommon cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.
Never Alone is a safe and secure online environment that offers free support to all of those in need. The website offers a wide range of group chats with specific and varying topics so that no matter what a carer is facing, they’ll never feel alone. Not only this, Never Alone also provides access to charities and other websites making it easier for carers to find the right support and information. Never Alone gives carers the opportunity to enjoy five minutes to themselves during a stressful time, without feeling guilty. Through Gemma’s experience, she has also created a FAQ section on the website as she understands that people often have hundreds of questions when a loved one becomes ill and no idea who to ask them to.
Many people forget about the effect a loved one’s illness can have on the people that are closest to them. Carers often do not want to burden others with their problems, even if they are really struggling. As a result, many carers do not seek the support and help they require at their time of need. However, Never Alone aims to change this.
Fortunately Mark has now been in remission for three years but it was his strength throughout his treatment, which was Gemma’s inspiration. The couple now have three healthy children and are living a happy family life like they’d always dreamt of.