UKactive launched its National Fitness Day campaign today, the day highlights the real importance of keeping fit. It’s encouraging fitness classes to offer free taster sessions to the public in attempt to get people more interested in keeping fit.
Whether you’re an avid runner, keen cyclist, gym enthusiast or simply just enjoy taking your dog out for a brisk walk, there’s a real importance when it comes to getting out and about to keep yourself fit. Both your physical and mental state are highly dependent on your fitness, after all we are built to be active.
If you’re looking to get in to Crossfit then our Account Executive, Jade, really is the person to talk to. She’s a real enthusiast and loves how she feels after a good workout. Crossfit is a varied way to get fit, whether you like the sound of running, push ups, weights… it mixes it all up. You’ll find Meg in the gym, working on her cardio and keeping herself feeling fit and full of energy.
If you talk to Ben, he’ll blabber on about his passion for cycling. He loves nothing more than getting his mountain bike out, heading for the hills and getting caked in mud whilst plummeting down the side of a mountain. It’s his way of keeping his mind clear and also keeping fit. At quite a different pace, Lucy will be enjoying dressage with one of her horses. A calming love of Lucy’s and a soft workout, it’s her idea of heaven.
We can’t forget Nichola’s passion for walking, especially with our chair dog Alfie next to her. For Nichola this isn’t just a means of keeping fit, she also believes that getting out in the open air is a fantastic way to release any negative emotion and she finds it therapeutic and a good time to allow ideas to flow.
So all together, we’re a pretty active bunch. If you’re interested in reading up some more on UKactive’s National Fitness Day, and finding out somewhere that is offering free trial sessions, visit their website – here