Marketing gets the Royal treatment

Whether you like them or not, our Royal family are certainly a huge hook when it comes to marketing.
This week we celebrated the birth of another Royal baby. Naturally, big named brands have jumped on the ‘Windsor band-wagon’, launching clever marketing campaigns linked to the arrival of the little prince.
From Lidl’s advertisement promoting their 89p wipes as ‘the royal treatment for your little ones’ to John Lewis advertising their nursery service with a traditional Silver Cross pram, similar to one the Cambridge’s have used – royal fever is everywhere.
And with another big Royal milestone fast approaching as Harry and Meghan tie the knot, it seems that tiaras, crowns and palaces will feature heavily in marketing campaigns over the next few months. After all, everyone loves a good wedding!
So, how can you capitalise on the Royal buzz? How can you get blue-blood pumping through your marketing campaign?
You could get inspired by the crown and add some sparkle to your social. No doubt you’ve spotted plenty of content focussing on the Royal family in recent weeks. Sharing topical content can help increase engagement on your platforms. The Royal baby and wedding are an ideal way of getting people talking.
Think about how you can connect into this hot topic. Of course, some brands will find it easier than others, for example a wedding dress shop seems an easier link than a bike store. But then again, maybe Ms Markle will arrive at the church on a unicycle? With a little creativity you could be on to a Royal social media winner…
Have you thought about giving your customers the Royal treatment? Giving people a gift or a special offer is a sure fire way of growing a happy, loyal customer base.
A big calendar hook or national occasion provides the perfect opportunity to do this. Think about what you could offer your customers when Harry and Meghan wed. A free glass of champagne on the weekend of the wedding? A complimentary meal for any happy couple getting married on the same date? A discount on any wedding outfit in your shop? The list is endless!
Of course, social media and customer give-aways are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maximising your marketing activity in the run up to the wedding of the year.
Our creative brains have been overflowing with ideas which could be the crowning glory for your marketing campaign. So, if you need support creating and rolling out a strategy which has more gems than the Tower of London, get in touch today. We’d be more than happy to discuss your ideas over a nice cup of tea!