Leverage The Power of a Smartwatch With RightMinder

Founded in Queensland, Australia, Ben Slater and Drew Steptoe have launched an innovative app named Rightminder, as a solution to the rising costs and issues within the aged-care industry across Europe. The app is set to change the lives of thousands and save lives in the process.
Wearable technology has revolutionised the digital industry and the way we connect and use our smart phones on a day to day basis. Rightminder leverages this, and is currently available to purchase on the Google play store and will soon be available to purchase on the Apple store too.
So what does the Rightminder App do?
The app partners with a smartwatch and detects falls from the wearer and sends an immediate alert to the carer, with GPS location reporting. Rightminder has been designed to connect ‘wearers’ and ‘carers’. Wearers can maintain their independence with the discreet security alert system, whilst family and friends can feel at ease with the assurance that their loved one is safe whilst avoiding expensive costs.
Do you need a smartwatch?
The app’s fall detection functionality is available on mobile phones too, however it is encouraged to wear a smartwatch for safety making it the perfect, discreet alternative to a red emergency button of pendant.
Rightminder exists to empower those living with disabilities such as MS, dementia, brain trauma, epilepsy and other high need individuals by allowing them to take back their freedom. With the ability to partner with multiple carers, and raise an emergency response, the chance of any long-lasting damage to the wearers health is reduced.
Drew and Ben faced similar experiences of their own when friends and family members had suffered a fall but loved ones had been unaware which inspired the creation of Rightminder and its amazing concept.
For a full video of the app, please click here.
For more information on Rightminder click here to be directed to its website.