Sustainability and safeguarding the environment has become an ever-growing topic in modern society. Consumers now consciously choose to buy products and services from businesses that make an effort to lessen the impact of their carbon footprint. From not using single use plastics, recycling more and sourcing local produce, It’s great to see so many businesses doing their part to help the environment.

But the real question is how can businesses stand out in an ever-growing sustainability market. Read on to find out how…

Post regular updates on how your sustainability projects are going

It’s important to not only just announce your sustainability plans, but also continuously update your audience how they are going and how your business is doing this and what progress you have made. People like authenticity and transparency so it is important to be truthful with your audience, even if it isn’t always going well. After all, we’re only human.

If your company announced an environmental policy, try fit it in with your brand. Utilise social media to make this more powerful. If you are going to plant one tree for every sale your business makes, then this is the perfect opportunity to give your audience regular updates on social media regarding how the tree planting is progressing.  You can utilise social media to showcase the positive changes that your company is making, this adds brand value as people will actually see that your company cares about the environment.

Use more environmentally friendly products during your marketing campaigns

The marketing process can often be quite expensive. If you work in a global corporation that wants to push its latest product, no expense will be spared. But there are a few small changes that can make a big difference when you consider your next marketing campaign.

Consider gifting sustainable PR gifts like reusable water bottles over plastic key rings, as this creates a long-lasting expression. If you are using a studio to take photos of your new exciting product, switch to LED lighting as it is more energy-efficient. Or rather than travelling to an exotic destination for the marketing campaign, cut down on your road and air travelling emissions by keeping the marketing shoot local.

The cherry on top is that you can then shout-about how environmentally friendly you were during the marketing campaign!

Support and collaborate with local environmental groups

It can be beneficial to strike up a collaborative partnership with environmental groups or show your support for them. You can gain interest by showing support to environmental groups that are doing brilliant work.

For example, as its currently Plastic Free July, you could amplify its reach by taking part in the plastic waste awareness month and sharing information about the organisation.

Make your environmentally friendly activities a core company value

Rather than just incorporating your sustainability and environmental activity as a part of your marketing strategies, make the environment an important company value.

At Voice, we worked hard to become a B Corp accredited business. A company that considers the impact it has on its workers, customers, suppliers, community and ultimately, the environment. This highlights our on-going commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Here at Voice, we help our clients with their PR and marketing tasks, if you would like to work with us, get in touch today. We’re always happy to have a chat and to see how we can help your business amplify its reach.