Here at Voice, we are extremely lucky to have an office in the historic Layer Marney Tower. It’s located not too far from the beautiful village of Tiptree, and our only morning traffic is the sheep or horses. We really do love it here. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the tower yet, here are four facts you should know.

Layer Marney Tower was built in the 1520s and it is the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in the UK

The tower was built by Lord Henry Marney in the 1520s. Originally built to be a statement house, the Tudor palace was created by using buff terracotta decorations that look like stone as there was no local stone to use at the time. Lord Marney wanted to use stone or at least something that resembles it, so it would make him look wealthier (as importing stone was an extremely expensive thing to do).

It is also the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in the UK, as it has 99 steps to the top floor. From the outside it appears that the Gatehouse has eight floors but this is merely smoke and mirrors as double windows were built into the tower to make it appear to have more floors than it actually did. It actually has four floors.

The Layer Marney Tower Estate is used for weddings, events and more

Not only is Layer Marney a historic Tudor tower, Layer Marney’s breathtaking settings means it is the perfect place for numerous events. Primarily it is known for being a popular wedding venue, as the estate has a church, as well as the Corsellis Room. The Corsellis Room is also perfect for business functions and we’ve used it many a time.

If you are into history you can join in on a guided history tour.

Due to Layer Marney Tower’s grandeur, the estate is often used for filming. The BBC and various other television networks have filmed here. Last year, Danny Dyer was exploring his Tudor family roots for a BBC programme.

Layer Marney Tower is home to lots of animals

We absolutely adore animals at Voice Communications and Layer Marney is full of them!  Throughout the estate, you can find dozens of sheep, two dogs, two cats, two horses, lots of ducks, chickens and goats. Not to forget our furry office friends Alfie, Dora and Nala.

Voice Communications has been at Layer Marney Tower for 5 years

We almost can’t believe it but Voice has been at Layer Marney Tower for five years. Voice first moved to Layer Marney Tower in 2014 and we have loved it here ever since.

Thanks for having us Layer Marney Tower!