Here at Voice we received an email from Colchester Emergency Night Shelter asking for donations towards the charity. This could be anything from toiletries to food, and all donations are welcome, so the team set about creating boxes to take to the shelter. The boxes are full with all the canned food, cupboard staples and men and women’s toiletries we could get our hands on.
After posting an image onto our Facebook page of our collected donations, the co-founder of Shaken Udder Milkshakes got in touch, kindly offering to add to our donations. We were taken aback with the generous variety of fresh and carton luxury milkshakes donated from Shaken Udder and added this to our already large collection.
Colchester Emergency Night Shelter has been helping the homeless since 1984. The present Night Shelter, which has room for 20 men and women, is owned by the 
charity uses funding from the National Lottery to keep the doors open. The shelter opens at 7:15pm every evening and does everything in their possible to accommodate as many people as they can. This includes overnight stays, providing access to washing facilities and filling meals.
The Colchester Night Shelter relies on the help from donations and volunteers in order to help as many people as possible. If you’re able to donate anything to them, whether this be one can of food, or a box full, every little helps so please do contact the shelter. If you’re able to volunteer to work at the shelter then, again, this is always hugely appreciated by all of those running the shelter – and those using it too!