Digital Detox Day

Endlessly scrolling through your phone on social media and later realising you’ve wasted hours, and probably should have been doing something more productive and worthwhile – does this sound familiar?
We’re masters in all things digital and this means we end up spending a lot of time online. So we decided to give ourselves a day off, we chose a Sunday to see if the team was able to have a digital detox. A recent study conducted by Ofcom shows that on average, a typical adult spends 25 hours a week online.
Although the internet and social media can be an amazing asset to our lives, we should also be spending time offline and seeing the world around us. That’s why the Voice team is ditching our phones and tablets (after work of course) and taking part in a digital detox, as it can lead to a happier, healthier and more productive you.
So it may sound daunting at first, could you give up your phone for a WHOLE day? Once you’ve got used it for a few hours, you’ll start to forget why it seemed to be so important in the first place.
Give the digital detox a go, one Sunday, you never know it could become addictive! Go offline, go outside and go on an adventure.
Throughout the digital detox Sunday, members of the team found themselves venturing outside and going on hikes with their four-legged friends. Others socialised with their friends face-to-face and a few even started a new hobby.
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