Celebrate International Day of Happiness

What is it that makes you happy? Spending time with family and friends? Being outside in the sun? Jumping in puddles? Or relaxing with a good book? Today is International Day of Happiness and we’d like to share with you what makes us happy. It is important to the Voice team that we have a great work life balance and to ensure we do things which make us happy on a regular basis.
When Nichola is in her happy place she’s walking down a beach in Cornwall with her husband and our chair dog, Alfie. Jess’ ultimate happy place is with a great book in a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine, it’s great to have some alone time!
Riding a horse through the countryside with the sun on her back is what makes Lucy happy. She loves spending time with her two dogs Pip and Tid, taking them for walks on the beach and around woodlands. Meg’s happy place is being warm on holiday. She would love to visit Mexico and California to spend time in the sunny weather on the beach with a cocktail.
Walking around woodlands in the sun is Jade’s happy place, she feels grounded and connected with nature. When she’s not outside she loves going to Northern Soul all-nighters where she dancing the night away to great soul music. Spending time in the sunshine and on the beach with her amazing friends and family is what brightens up Sophie’s day. As well as having lots of furry cuddles with her two adorable dogs Beau and Sox.
Don’t forget to do something which makes you happy today to celebrate International Day of Happiness!
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