Black Friday Bonanza!

Now for many of us, Black Friday kick starts the festive shopping season and there’s definitely no change this year. It’s no surprise that Black Friday is on the rise, with deals getting better and more brands announcing offers each and every year.
Back in Summer, Criteo released its 2017 guide called ‘An Enlightened Festive Season’ giving brands and retailers advice to help them plan for the festive trends expected to dominate in 2017. The guide is comprised of information provided by 16,000 global brands revealing their thoughts on consumer behaviour, with a huge focus on Black Friday.
Of course we all love a Black Friday bargain, however it is actually a proven fact that Black Friday has overtaken Boxing Day as being considered the biggest day of the year for e-commerce within the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, Christmas Day is also one of the busiest days for mobile shopping too.
Also discovered in Criteo’s research is the ascent of the omnishopper. Not sure if you fit the description of an omnishopper? You probably do. Omnishopper, is the new term for shoppers who search on the web for an item but will buy it in store and vice versa, see an item in store but buy it online. This may be down to the various online/in-store sales that give us those massive savings.
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